Bird Language Online Courses

These self-paced courses will reveal the meaning behind what birds are ‘saying’ and show you how to tune into all that is happening on the landscape including the:

  • Whereabouts and movements of ground and aerial predators
  • Methods to increase your awareness and conceal your presence to wildlife
  • Communication web that exists between all animals and how you are part of it
  • True meaning of silence in the forest

What's in Each Course?

Basic Course

Fundamental Concepts

History & Significance

Learning Methods

Baseline Behaviors

Alarm Behaviors


Intermediate Course

Species to Follow

Governing Principles

Seasonal & Daily Behaviors

Ground Predator Alarms

Aerial Predator Alarms


Advanced Course

Complex Alarm Patterns

Group Observations

Parid Behaviors

Raptor Behaviors

Corvid Behaviors


Or combine all three in one comprehensive course!

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The content in these courses is the same that is taught at three leading universities. Whether you want to pick up new skills to learn more about the natural world or are looking to become more proficient in your wildlife career, the lessons in each module will greatly increase your understanding of animal behavior as well as:

  • Move without disturbance and be more effective in other outdoor pursuits like hunting and tracking
  • Develop better listening skills along with improved situational awareness and pattern recognition abilities
  • Give you an option to earn Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) recognized by The Wildlife Society (inquire for more details)

Who Are These Courses For?

These subjects covered in the course modules are designed for anyone who desires to increase their awareness of what is happening around them in nature by learning to interpret the messages sent by birds in real-time including:


What Learning Materials Are Included?

  • Fifteen modules (five for each short course) covering all aspects of bird language from scientific theory to direct observation

  • Over twelve hours of video instruction (four hours for each short course) including flight animations and animal movements

  • Readings that reinforce the video lectures and provide explanations for what you observe in the field

  • Analysis exercises that put into practice the theoretical concepts covered in the video lectures and reading materials

  • Quizzes that validate your understanding of fundamental bird language principles and behavioral patterns

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"Bird language was mind blowing for me. I learned how birds communicate using vocalizations, movements, body language, and flight patterns to identify the location of dangerous predators. It will change your outdoor experiences forever!

— Martin Ack

"This course was brilliant and well worth it!  I was amazed to find out I could interpret the holistic interaction that is happening in the environment around me...and to recognize behavioral attributes, whether I am sitting on my porch or at the state park."

Vanice Medley

"The bird language course was an amazing experience. It will forever change the way you view the world outside your front door!"

—Kimberley MaGee

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