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Discussions on naturalist topics and practices centered around Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) including their relevance to modern culture and the environment.

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#9 - Finding Spirituality in Nature

Minister and author Peter Haas discusses how nature was integrated in the spiritual and religious traditions of early man and how it is still relevant to modern society.
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#8 - Backpacking Best Practices

An experienced long distance hiker, backpacker and all-around tough guy, Jack Crowley discusses what he has learned through the years scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro, high Himalayan passes, and the rugged peaks of the...
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#7 - Birding and Nature Connection

Avian expert Mikael Behrens discusses how birding expanded his view of the outside world and helped facilitate his own nature connection journey.
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#6 - Trailing Animals

Episode #6

Senior tracker and instructor Preston Taylor discusses his experiences of trailing animals, the scientific value and personal enjoyment gleaned from it, and how to learn this ancient skill that humans relied upon for...
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#5 - Wildlife Tracking

Episode #5

Senior tracker and instructor Matt Nelson discusses what encompasses wildlife tracking, why it's valuable to science, what it can teach you about animal behavior, and how it can add to your enjoyment and understanding...
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#4 - Modern Wilderness Survival

Episode #4

Survival Instructor Matthew Hunter discusses what is meant by modern wilderness survival, how it differs from primitive living skills, and some important preparation tips and guidelines for those who venture into the...
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#3 - Bird Language Allies

Episode #3

Avian ecologist Dr. Katie Sieving from the University of Florida discusses the important role titmice and chickadees (aka Parids) play in bird language, and the amazing discoveries she and her team have made in...
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#2 - The Value of Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Episode #2

Chris Hyde of Natureversity discusses the relevance of Traditional Ecological Skills (TEK) like wildlife tracking, bird language, and wilderness survival in our modern culture, and why they are important skills to...
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#1 - Jon Young on Nature Connection

Episode #1

Jon Young, bird language master and author of What the Robin Knows discusses what constitutes “nature connection”, why it is important, and how practices like bird language and wildlife tracking can facilitate...
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