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Get weekly lessons in wildlife tracking, wilderness survival, foraging, animal communication, and other valuable outdoor skills!

Advanced Bird Language

Learn how to unravel complex bird behaviors! Discover how to tune into messages that songbirds are sending while also understanding:

  • Whereabouts and movements of ground and aerial predators
  • True meaning of silence in the forest
  • Methods to increase your awareness and conceal your presence to wildlife
  • Communication web that exists between all animals and how you are part of it

Course Topics:

  • Complex Alarm Patterns
  • Group Observations
  • Parid Behaviors
  • Raptor Behaviors
  • Corvid Behaviors

What's Included:

  • Five modules covering all aspects of bird language, from scientific theory, to direct observation
  • 4+ hours of video instruction explaining key principles along with animations depicting bird flight and animal movements
  • Readings that reinforce the video lectures and provide explanations for what you observe in the field
  • Analysis exercises that put into practice the theoretical concepts covered in the video lectures and reading materials
  • Quizzes that validate your understanding of fundamental bird language principles and behavioral patterns