Wilderness Survival Online Courses

These self-paced courses are comprehensive online training programs designed to equip you with essential survival knowledge for safe-travel and preparedness in the backcountry in any environment. You will learn how to: 

  • Properly prepare & equip yourself before heading into remote country
  • Prevent common mishaps and injuries
  • Develop fundamental wilderness skills
  • Handle emergency survival situations to ensure you get out safely

What's in Each Course?

Basic Course

Main Causes of Survival Situations

Essential Gear & Camping Skills

Clothing & Equipment Selection

Vehicle Preparedness

Land Navigation


Intermediate Course

Survival Physiology & Limits of the Body

Heat Exchange Principles & Staying Warm

Making Fire in any Conditions

Avoiding Dehydration & Heat Illness

Purifying & Surviving without Water


Advanced Course

Using a Knife & Baton

Making Cordage with Natural Fibers

Tying Useful Knots

Constructing Emergency Shelters

Signaling for Rescue


Or combine all three in one comprehensive course!

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These online courses teach the most important and relevant wilderness survival skills you NEED to know so that you can start training to ensure you are prepared next time you venture into the wilderness. Upon putting them into practice you will have the skills & confidence to handle whatever nature throws at you. The lessons in the modules contain:

  • Field-tested skills practical for everyday use, made for everyday situations
  • Real-world survival information rooted in science and history
  • Detailed instruction applicable to a wide range of natural environments

Who Are These Courses For?

These subjects covered in the course modules are designed for anyone who frequents wilderness areas or other remote country, and hence is geared towards all types of outdoors-people including:


What Learning Materials Are Included?

  • Fifteen modules (five for each short course) covering all aspects of wilderness survival from required preparation to what steps to take for real-world emergency scenarios

  • Over two dozen hours of video instruction (eight hours for each short course) with expert advice and actual demonstrations on how to carry out essential survival tasks

  • Handouts and readings that reinforce concepts in the video lectures and provide in depth explanations for key survival tips and principles

  • Hands on exercises that reinforce the videos and readings by having you put into practice the taught skills and preparatory tasks

  • Quizzes that validate your understanding of key wilderness survival principles and required actions in the event of encountering a life-threatening situation

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"ThIs is the best online survival course out there. I have been teaching wilderness survival at the School of Self Reliance for over fifteen years and Fundamentals of Wilderness Survival is the most comprehensive program available. It will allow any student to become confident in these essential skills."

— Keith Farrar

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