Common Edible Yard Plants

edible plants foraging Mar 07, 2023

Most people never realize how many food resources are literally right at their fingertips, especially with regards to edible plants and how straight forward it can be to prepare them. But with the right instruction, in a short period of time you can actually be in your yard or nearby green space harvesting edible plants and enjoying their flavor along with the health benefits they provide.

Here's something we put together to help get you started: an eBook detailing several of the most common edible plants that you can often find right where you live along with identification keys (WARNING: before attempting to harvest or eat make sure you know how to avoid poisonous look-a-likes and other potential hazards like soil contaminates).

Remember that foraging is an activity that adults of virtually any age can enjoy, and also one that with the proper supervision kids can also participate in (as well as being extremely useful in a survival situation). So with spring just around the corner and new plants about to burst forth, now is a great time to begin brush up on your botanical skills!

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